Your Program. Our Platform. Together.

Starting with our software.

Platform License
We offer the AmphiHQ platform as a service with a set-up fee and annual licence based on the number of people you have in your amphi and whether it is video-enabled.
Technical Support
Since we do the hosting of the service, you don’t need to worry about having IT support. We do it for you. We will help you set-up the solution that suits you best, and provide you and all the people involved in your program with the support they may need to use the platform effectively.

How else can we help you?

Instructional Design
The AmphiMedia team has extensive experience in creating content for effective learning. We support stakeholders and subject matter experts in the needs analysis, content creation and implementation on AmphiHQ. We can help you with the conceptual design, script the questions for submission and review, and help you set it all up online.
If you have multiple administrators for your amphi, we can provide your team with the training on the technology and assist you with the implementation of your project.
Project Management
You want to use AmphiHQ but don’t have the time to run it? We can manage the project for you from design to delivery, making it easy to extend your services to your clients.
Platform Customization
The AmphiHQ platform is very flexible but you may want to further customize it to reflect your identity and meet your requirements. Whether you need AmphiHQ to integrate with existing systems you have or you would like additional functionality or layout, we can work with you to define your needs, manage the technological development and create a customized solution.
Analyzing how people participate on your amphi, the content they submit or the feedback they get, will give you useful information to improve your content and processes. Our team can support you in this analysis, providing you with a set of consolidated reports for each one of your activities.
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