0ur Platform AmphiHQ.

AmphiHQ is our online solution for enhancing learning and development. It’s not for the tick-the-box, listen-and-repeat kind of learning. It’s for the kind of learning that requires personal reflection and interaction, observation and experimentation.

AmphiHQ is a platform that allows you to give structure to that journey, as well as promote social learning, in your own private space online, designed specifically for your program.

Capture the learning. Together.

Benefits & Features

For your participants:

  • Simple to use – clear actions
  • Accessible – when they want, where they want
  • Engaging – not just content deliver or an open wall for sharing – tasks get participants to process their learning and gets everyone to contribute
  • Perspective – tangible network benefits through solicited peer exchange
  • Structure – all content in one place; easy to track the program and the learning journey

For admins and facilitators:

  • Customisable – organise people in rooms and groups with their own tasks, resources and discussions
  • Easy to manage – intuitive interface, set-up wizards, stats for tracking, keep all of your interactions in one place
  • Private – safe dedicated place to exchange; no ads, control sharing and access
  • Track impact – follow your participants’ journeys, qualitative and quantitative analysis and reports
  • Expand your offering – go beyond face-to-face to engage people before, during and after a program

Easy to implement

AmphiHQ can be used as a stand-alone platform or be fully integrated with your Learning Management System through the open LTI standard.

How it works

Create a room

Once you launch your own platform, with its own dedicated URL on AmphiHQ, you can create dedicated ‘rooms’ for different programs or groups to have their own private social space online.

You can add people to one or many rooms and assign them different roles with different access rights  – administrators, facilitators, participants (or customise the labels).

Organise people in workgroups for dividing up tasks, targeting discussions or tracking and analysing.

Customise the space

There are three basic modules you can add to each Room.

TASKS: Invite your participants to post insights, information, documents or videos, and share their posts for comments and feedback. Post instructions and add documents/links/videos. Assign a task to all participants or specific groups. Define how their posts are shared – with everyone, with their groups, with the facilitators – or let your participants choose. Set the opening and close date as well as one or many deadlines.

DISCUSSIONS: Have a space for discussion topics to be posted by anyone in the Room. Topics can be shared with everyone or just within workgroups. People can choose to follow a topic to receive notifications of comments.

RESOURCES: Post documents and links, embed videos and images, to share as resources with everyone in the Room or with specific groups.

Track the journey

Each person has their own personalised dashboard showing their journey of posts as well as the posts, discussions and resources shared with them.

When new information is posted, they receive email notifications keeping them informed, while keeping all of the exchanges in this dedicated online space.

Very clear tracking of what tasks remain to do, what has been done, and what new contributions have been posted.  Easy to follow and comment on the posts of others, as well as their own.

Admins and facilitators can track participation and customise reports for analysis.

What participants are saying