if You are in the business of developing leaders, amphimedia helps you really deliver.

Define the Stepping Stones
Easily invite your learners to post reflections, insights, projects, action plans and share them with others to get further ideas and feedback.
Share Resources
Post links, videos, documents and other useful resources to support the learning journey.
Host Discussions
Have a private online forum for you and your participants to post and comment on topics for discussion.
Track the Journey
Each participant in your learning space can capture his/her own journey of development.

capture and share the learning. stay connected.


Formal training alone doesn’t transform the way managers work. To really contribute to their professional development, you need to engage them to observe themselves and others. Get them to reflect on the concepts and ideas, experiment with new ways of doing things and get feedback.

At AmphiMedia, we provide a platform for you to inspire and manage the learning journey in a way that is resource-efficient and highly impactful. On our AmphiHQ platform, you can create private online spaces for your participants to capture and exchange ideas and insights to feed the learning cycle.

Your Program. Our Platform.


You create your own virtual rooms where you can have follow-up assignments, host discussions and share resources so your participants (and you) can track their learning journey.

Our clients use the platform in different ways: engaging participants to share stories with each other before a program, capturing learning as they go, and ensuring continued reflection and interaction between and after sessions.

How can you use AmphiHQ?

Impact. Insight. Interconnection.

Feedback from people using our platform

Who is using AmphiHQ?

Corporate Learning. Training Providers. Business Schools. Coaches.

Learning is
a journey
not a destination.

Let’s travel together.

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