As we head into the second half of the year, we’re taking a look back to review what happened during the past six months at AmphiMedia.

January marked the beginning of the redesign of AmphiMedia’s submission and review platforms, that became AmphiHQ. Working with Infinvision, we spent long hours analysing the variety of needs we had served in 2011 – from negotiation training to pitch practice to sharing course assignments to competition management. The challenge was to create a simple, common interface for the users and add in all of the administrative functionality to give the flexibility to our clients.

Virginie joined the team and throughout the first quarter, we worked intensely with our team of developers from Coeus Solutions. Putting functionality to the design opened up a new set of challenges, with a lot of back and forth. In parallel to AmphiHQ, we worked on and launched the website with Arovel, another team of web designers. Our little company was working with people across three continents to get it all done.

By the beginning of the second quarter, AmphiHQ was viable enough to launch for the MBA Negotiations course with INSEAD in Singapore. Having 150 students and a supportive administrative team allowed us to put the new tool to the test – while continuing to add new features and keep evolving and improving the platform.

As we rounded out the quarter, we successfully created and launched platforms for executive programmes and coaching programmes in Europe and Asia, hosting a variety of activities for professional development and reflection with senior managers. Quite a busy half-year!

The AmphiMedia team continues to improve the functionality and services over the summer, with a new user dashboard and administrative tools.

And if you are in the Boston area between August 3 and 7, come and say hello to us at AOM2012! We will be presenting AmphiMedia and AmphiHQ at Ososim’s stand.