This new use case of our innovative online learning platform AmphiHQ is about Executive Education, and how you can use AmphiHQ as a post-module follow through.

The Challenge

Executive participants have a full schedule on campus with intense delivery of content, limited time to reflect and limited opportunity to put learning into action. The possibility to engage between/post modules are challenged by resource constraints and dispersed geography.  An option could be the use of forums, but they do not really engage.

The Solution

Create a continuous learning platform to have ongoing learning activities and peer exchange. Activities could include:

  • Reflections on classroom learning.
  • Coaching assignments and exchange.
  • Sharing and reviewing documents/videos.


  • Clear actions and follow-up for the participants.
  • Trackable participation.
  • Conveniently online and asynchronous.
  • Low resource requirement.
  • Upsell service for CSPs.

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