This past year was all about mobilising the right resources at the right time and finding good lead clients to help us define and push the boundaries of our product. We have added lots of new features and continue to evolve and improve our AmphiHQ Platform. We really enjoy working closely with our customers to understand their needs and develop effective learning spaces together.

With a strong belief in our mission, a commitment to deliver a good product and service, and the flexibility to challenge ourselves, we were able to achieve quite a lot this past year!

We are excited to start the new year launching an innovative platform for career reflection and skills practice, together with INSEAD. More about it soon…

For 2013, our top 3 resolutions are:

  1. Connect with more Learning & Development professionals to learn about how technology can help them.
  2. Take AmphiHQ to the next level, maybe an iPad app?
  3. Keep making our customers happy!

As we start this new year, we would like to express our appreciation to those who have supported our progression. Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you. Best wishes for a year 2013 full of happiness, and much success.

Happy New Year

You’d like to give our AmphiHQ platform a try? Just contact us!